Update and Future Content

So, I had this project of releasing a book of short stories, and I am still intending to do it. I have written four suitable short stories here in the blog that I want included (the ones gravitating around the events at Illaryon), and am toying with the idea of writing a fifth, last story. However, the stories I have uploaded here are very crude and need a ton more of work to become something presentable, so I’m probably going to spend a good bit of time this month and the next revising and rewriting them now that I have a clearer idea of what I want to accomplish (the first story, Lord of Stone, is the one that needs the most work). After I’m done with those re-writes, I’ll finally be able to begin the process of editing (which should take a bit of time as well, I guess). I also already have someone working for the future cover of the book, so that’s one worry less for the future. I’m also thinking of stealing the idea from James, our friend from Speaking to the Eyes¬†and documenting my progress through the various steps of preparing and releasing the book, which should be an entertaining challenge (and such documentation would hopefully be useful for others trying their hands at self-publishing in the future).

On other news, I’m thinking of shifting the focus of the blog a bit; while this is mainly focused towards creative writing, now that I will be busy preparing the short stories book and hopefully beginning to write the upcoming follow-up novel, I don’t know if I’ll have energy to continue writing unrelated short stories here. On the other hand, I have recently been drawn back to playing Play-by-Post RPGs, so stories, concepts and ideas from these games are a true possibility of coming up (and they’re no less creative writing than short stories, they’re just… less focused). Who knows, I might even continue writing parallel short stories on Dragonia if I have the creativity (and time!) for it, but only time will tell. For the moment, the blog is still more or less in a chaotic, formless state as I gather my thoughts and wonder on exactly what kind of content I want to have here.



Back from the Dead


Okay, first I owe all of my readers an apology: I suddenly disappeared with no previous warning, which sucks. I know, because it sucked for me as well. Unfortunately, I had some personal issues happen to me that left me with little energy to continue blogging, and then became involved in a few projects and a family trip that prevented me from being actively involved with the blog again. However, this is not something I wish to let die, and now that all the dust has settled, I fully intend to go back to a constant activity schedule over here. I might need a few days to re-organize myself and my writing projects before I start fully posting content again, but at least know that I’m already working on them!