ROW80 and Other Updates… Again

Well, I’m embarassed. I had a short story ready to post on Monday, as I had promised per my new schedule, but WordPress somehow or the other ate it up, and I lost quite a bit of the work I had done, plus the formatting went all crazy. So, I didn’t post anything, and am in the process of rewriting it (and making it better; it wasn’t going in a direction I liked in the first place). But, that’s not all… unfortunately, I have been busy and generally without energy this past few days, and as such have done almost no progress towards my ROW80 goals…. which is a really, really bad thing in my book. I hope to get things fixed by the weekend, though, since the weekends are when I have the most time and energy to actually work on my creative process, and as such I hope to start working for real on my novel again and produce a couple of short stories and other assorted posts to be published here over the week, thus avoiding this situation happening again. Hopefully everything will go as planned this time!


6 thoughts on “ROW80 and Other Updates… Again

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself–life happens! But the great thing about ROW80 is that goals are flexible. And the twice a week check in is actually a good things too–it’s great to keep you accountable. Even if you progress in smaller steps, it’s still progress!

    • Definitively true! It’s easier to have a sense of “deadline” with those weekly check-ins, and unfortunately I have come to believe that most people, including myself, only truly work hard towards a goal when they have a deadline to meet. But, here’s hoping things can actually get on track this time!

  2. Wait. Plans are supposed to go right? Since when? (In other words, I totally feel your pain… though, by now I’m used to it and it only really hurts before it is going to rain…. Or is that my back?)

    Anyways, it isn’t how you deal with succeeding in your goals, but how you deal with failing at them that shows what kind of person you are. And you picked yourself up and went to do better than before, which means you are doing great. Keep it up.

  3. I have the same problems with WordPress. Now I keep copies of my posts just in case!

    We all have creative highs and lows. Hang in there and just keep writing: good work or not. It will come.

    Best wishes.

    • Yeah, my problem is that I’m either writing from my home PC (in which case I actually work offline), or I’m writing from one of the university’s computers, in which case I don’t have much choice but relying on WordPress itself. :(

      Thanks, though! :)

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