A Round of Words in 80 Days

So, while reading James’ blog, Speaking to the Eyes, I came across a post where he mentions A Round of Words in 80 Days, something that’s more or less like NaNoWriMo – which I’ve always wanted to participate, but never had the time to actually do it when it starts due to real life concerns -, but with more realistic and flexible requirements. Aha, it immediately piqued my interest, so I went to check it out and indeed, it seems like a lot of fun. Basically, the idea behind it all is that you have to give yourself one or more goals at the beginning of each 80-days round, and twice a week you post an update of your activity towards your goals; however, goals can be flexible and you can change them depending on your situation, which is awesome, since the unexpected can always happen to make your life miserable you find yourself with no time for your initial goals. Either way, their site (here, the link, one more time (: ) can explain it all far better than I. So, since I’m going to participate, what are my goals?

  1. Write two short stories (500~2500 words) per week, to be published here on my blog.
  2. Write at least 200 words per day towards my upcoming novel. Yes, I know it is just a few words, but unfortunately real life prevents me from writing more presently (especially considering goal #1).
  3. Self-publish at least one collection of short stories until the end of the round (or at least have one collection of short stories ready to be self-published at the end of the round, depending on real life constraints).

Well, that’s it, folks! Watch out for an update on my status on ROW80 on Sunday. :)



9 thoughts on “A Round of Words in 80 Days

  1. Awesome! Welcome aboard. I’ve only been with this group for a day, but am looking forward to it–it seems like a great community, and a nice way to keep yourself accountable.
    Great goals, too: 200 words a day won’t be too hard to keep up with, and it’ll add up fast. That’s 1400 words a week!

    • Thanks!

      Yup, haven’t had much time or energy to look around the community or other people’s blogs yet, but it does seem like a great community. And ways to keep yourself accountable are always a good thing! :)

  2. Welcome to ROW80!
    Great goals. There are a bunch of us who do both ROW80 and NaNoWriMo. Whatever works for the author!
    Oh, and you don’t ~have~ to update twice a week… those are the opportunities. I only do the mid-weeks. The main idea is, post a link to your update, then visit at least several others and give them some encouragement too.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I may only be updating on Sundays, because midweek gets kinda problematic for me on most weeks. Either way, I plan on checking out other people’s updates as soon as I can, only problem is I’ve been going through a troublesome couple of days (perhaps it wasn’t the wisest decision to start this right now :P), but I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other participants are doing! :)

  3. Welcome to ROW80! It’s great to have you here. Everyone is warmhearted, encouraging, and supportive. It’s the absolute best place for writers to be. Have a wonderfully productive day!

  4. welcome – it’s great around here:) I only post on sundays as twice never seems to work out for me – visit over mon and tues am doing nano this year for 2nd time – its all fun fun and we are all crazy:)

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