On Karma Cores

One of the major subfields of Weaving and Karmic engineering is the study of Karma Cores, devices that, by themselves, generate, modify or apply Karma in one or more given ways. They are the true wonder behind the entire Karma-based technology, because they allow automatization of tasks and help lessen the strain on any Weaver operators that the device requires. There are three main types of Karma Cores: Engine Cores, Effect Cores and Utility Cores. No matter their type, all Cores are highly valuable, because the process of creating them has only recently been rediscovered, and is still an arduous process that only few Weavers can pull off.

Engine Cores: The most prized of the Core types, Engine Cores actually generate a specific kind of Karma, under specific circunstances, generally set by the Weaver operating or installing the Core. Simple Engine Cores only generate one specific type of Karma, in a constant flow, while more complex types can be controlled to generate different flows of different Karma types, separately or together.

Utility Cores: Another very important – and useful – type of Core, Utility Cores change the shape or quantity of Karma flowing through them, and as such are very useful tools; the ones which change the shape of the flow can be used to help even the weakest Weaver create complex effects with his Weaves, for example, and the ones which increase the flow can be used by an expert Weave to increase the power of a complex Weave. They can also be used in concert with the flows from Engine Cores, thus increasing the range of devices that can be made from Cores.

Effect Cores: Last but not least, Effect Cores produce a particular effect whenever Karma is flowing through them; the simpler versions only produce a single effect for a single type of flow, but more complex Cores can create multiple effects depending on what is flowing through them, or create multiple effects at the same time, or even produce a set of effects no matter what is flowing inside them, as long as there is Karma flowing (these are the hardest types of Effect Core to produce, despite what one would think).



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