An Introduction to the Politics of Dragonia

The political environment of Dragonia is heavily influenced by the fact that, not much more than a few thousand years ago, the entire world was a single entity under the rule and guidance of the mighty Dragons; whatever remains now is simply what humans could do to adapt and survive. There are many city-states and small nations spread across the islands of Dragonia, and by themselves no single island has enough power to extend their domination to the adjacent areas, let alone to elsewhere. As such, most nations band together in leagues and alliances, finding strength in numbers.

The League of Empires is one such alliance, and in truth the oldest and most powerful. Having emerged soon after the Fall of the Dragons, the League was the attempt of the small empires that appeared at the time to strengthen and enforce their rule, though they have since broken down in smaller nations still, and can barely be called Empires now. Each member of the League – usually a full island – is ruled by a High Lord or High Lady, and the League as a whole is led by the Grand Lord (or Grand Lady), who is first among equals and has the final say in decisions, if there is indecision – all important aspects of the League are decided by vote.

The Free Lands, also called the Harfall Alliance, named such for Herid Harfall, is the League of Empire’s major competitor and enemy. The Alliance is made up of islands and nations on the western border of the League, and their is a history of rebellion and fighting. In the early days of the rule of the League, a man named Herid Harfall stood up against the opression of the League, and carved with fire and blood a land where he and his could be free; this land has grown and held its own against the League up to the current day. Although they call themselves an alliance, the Free Lands are a collection of holds and city-states loosely related to each other, and whose only true connection is their mutual hate towards the League – a hatred that might not be entirely with reason, as there is more to Herid Harfall’s story than is widely known.

The Dragonic Uprising consists of a few islands on the eastern border of the League of Empires, and is composed by those nation who believe that the way of life taught by the Dragons should be continued, and as such the Ordo Draconis is predominant in the region. Not much is known about them, as they have closed their orders to all outside envoys, and attack any ships that come too close to their lands.

Other than these three major powers, there are also independent city-states and small nations that manage to hold their own against outside influences, if only because all of the major powers are too busy watching each other to worry about these minor powers.



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