On Karma Pools and Karma Locii

I briefly mentioned Karma Pools and Karma Locii on my previous post about geography, and now it’s time to expand on them a bit more – something I should have done in the post about Karma and Weaving. Both are very important aspects in the natural working of the world, and in the exploitation that Weavers can do of the natural energies that course through the land, and as such are the subject of much study.

Karma Locus is a place where one or more Karma Veins manifest with exceptional strength, and they usually have a very strong Karma Scion associated with them. They are true places of power, and an expert Weaver can channel this power to fuel his own Weavings. These places of power are highly sought after by the rulers of an island, as control over them ensures their continued rule, and increases the military strength of their nation; Locii in wild islands are greatly sought by freelance adventurers and mercenaries, for the creation of strongholds and to fuel their own purposes.

Karma Pool is a rare metaphysical occurence that sometimes appears inside Karma Locii; it is a concentration of one or more Karma Veins, creating a metaphorical pool of Karma that can be tapped upon by expert Weavers. This creates an even stronger source of power than a common Locus, especially if the strength and quality of the Karma Vein is high. Locii with Karma Pools are even more sought out than their normal counterparts, and Locii with more than one Pool are frequently the cause of wars.

Just as Karma Veins have a bodily equivalent in the form of Karma Circuits, Karma Pools also have one, called Karma Centres, which are specific points in the body of a living being that have a higher concentration of Karma, and fuel the energies of the entire body. They are tightly connected to the bloodstream and the health of the living being, who will die or at least be severely injured if their Karma Centres are damaged. On humans, the three major Karma Centres are present between the eyes, in the middle of the chest, and on the genitals, but there are thousands more spread across the entire body.



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