Geography of Dragonia

I’ve talked a bit on my World of Dragonia post about how the world is shaped, the fact that it consists of several small islands and archipelagoes, and in this post I’m going to expand on that concept, especifically on the fact that the land is magical in nature (due to the Karma Veins explained on the Karma post), and as such that magic translates into specific aspects that guide the geography of the world.

Islands can be categorized in many different ways, according to their seasonal type (Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn Islands), according to their geographical characteristics (Desert, Forest, Lake, Swamp Islands, etc), according to their Karma saturation rating (Type 0, Type 1, Type 2, etc, with the number representing the amount of Karma Veins that have a pool, sometimes called Karma Locus, on the island, ie. a place where Karma gathers and fills, ready to be used by expert Karmacists), or even according to the nature of this saturation (Fire, Water, Earth Islands, etc). Let’s talk a bit about each of these categories and what they really mean.

The Geographical Categorization and the Seasonal Categorization are the two most used categorizations, usually put together (a Summer Desert Island, or a Spring Forest Island, for example), and widely used by the people of Dragonia. They are self-explanatory, and most people don’t give them a second thought, as they are present in daily life as people refer to one island or another.

The Saturation Categorization, both the qualitative and quantitative methods, are less common, used mostly by Weavers and scholars with interest in Karma research. The number of Karma Locii in an island is not always public knowledge, since it directly correlates to the island’s military capabilities, and as such it is usually hard to apply this categorization in an effective way on developed islands, who usually want to protect their secrets and hide their true strength (or lack of).

However, even as people love to find order and categories for everything, the world is not an orderly place. There are islands which escape such categorization, be it by behaving oddly in respect to seasonal events (there are islands where it is always winter, or always summer, for example, called Everlasting Seasonal Islands), by having geographical characteristics warped by the action of strong Karma, and thus having no natural equivalent anywhere else (called Aberrant Islands), or by having a variable number of Karma Veins, or Karma Veins with variable Karma types, a much rare – and much more dangerous – occurence.



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