The Lord of Stone, Part 2

Part 2 of The Lord of Stone. Part 1 can be found here.

Dorian surveyed the field as his officers relayed the order to start the attack. Three hundred kon separated his waiting army from the Shining Walls of Illaryon, small enough a distance for their charge to reach the Walls more or less unmolested by the enemy’s War-Weavers. No, not unmolested; hundreds would die in this initial charge, but the number did not matter any more to Dorian. At the beginning, he had been fiercely protective of everyone under his command, but they were just numbers now, just abstract units that he could move and use as he wished.

“My Lord… our own War-Weavers do not have strength enough to breach the Walls while protecting our troops. What is the plan?” his second-in-command, Captain Kerjist, asked. The man was the least air-headed of his officers, and perhaps the only one with a decent amount of sense; he knew that a direct attack against Illaryon was suicide, but he also knew that Dorian wasn’t crazy; therefore, he must have a plan. Dorian smiled.

“Order the War-Weavers to focus their efforts on protecting our units and disabling the enemy’s, Captain. I will deal with the Walls.”

“As you say, my Lord,” he answered, turning his horse to deliver the orders.

For the entire exchange, Dorian hadn’t taken his eyes off the Shining Walls. Rising several dozen kon into the air, they were the biggest and largest walls ever made by the hand of humans, maintained and reinforced by constant flows of Earth Karma, woven by a dedicated team of War-Weavers. It was well and good to boast to his soldiers and officers, but the actual process of bringing down such a marvel of Weaving and human construction would be very hard, even for him. But he was sure he had enough power to manage it.

Completing the calculations in his head, Dorian nodded to himself. He had made some dangerous assumptions in his mental model, but he was fairly certain they were accurate enough. He couldn’t help the smile creeping back into his lips; he always smiled when he was excited. Turning to his officers, his semblance must have been of a madman, but he did not care.

“Sound the charge.”


2 thoughts on “The Lord of Stone, Part 2

  1. I like Dorian already, he strike me as a Planeswalker from MTG and a D&D chaotic trait which is a very good thing indeed. By the way, could you give me an idea of how much exactly is a “kon” lenght? Thx, I believe you’re in the right path with this story, the characters are showing their personality without the need for introductions. However, I would really wanna read more about Dorian’s past if he is the main character of your plot.

    May the force be with you.

    • I’m still not completely sure about the ‘kon’ lenght, but I’m thinking of making it the length of the blade of a standard, military-issued sword, thus making it a military unit of measurement (somewhere between 120cm and 150cm). I realize I may have to edit the numbers in the short story, though, since this decision might make the distances too short for what is actually happening.
      About Dorian, I’m thinking of writing a book about him, so I’ll be writing a few short stories with him as the main character on the blog, so expect more about him in the future!

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