Hello World!

Hello, World!

This blog is an attempt at putting some minimal organization to the storm of ideas for short stories, novels, and RPGs that constantly assault my mind. With this blog, I hope to have a means of letting out all of the creative energy that I usually have no outlet for, and as such I foresee there will be plenty of half-finished stories and broken-down ideas piling up around here as times goes on. On the other hand, I also hope that this blog allows me to develop ideas enough that those truly interesting have a chance to shine and evolve, becoming something else, perhaps even going on to become finished novels or RPG products. As all authors should be, I’m always open to constructive criticism and ideas from others!



2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Good luck dear friend,

    I hope you succeed in your quest for novels. May your first printed work goes to me with an epic signature.

    Always open to RPG debates, godspeed,

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